Ono Kiyoshi Sensei

Ono Kiyoshi Sensei was born March 16, 1918, in Mastqui, British Columbia. At age five, he went to do his schooling in Japan with his mother and that is where, in Odawara, that he began studying Kendo. Once his education complete, Ono Sensei came back to Canada, more specifically to Ocean Falls, British Columbia, where he worked in a pulp and paper mill. In October 1941, Ono Sensei married Tamiye Inamoto.

Shortly after, due to the state of war present between Canada and Japan, the Federal Government considered that all people of Japanese descent were a threat to national security and Ono Sensei was sent to the Angler Internment Camp in Ontario.

Sensei Ono pursued his Kendo career in this internment camp. With not much else to do, he practiced Kendo daily and while in the camp, Ono Sensei won the Camp´s championship twice. At the end of the war, in 1945, Ono Sensei arrived in Montreal where he was reunited with his wife. Ten years later, he began teaching Kendo in Quebec.

In 2002, Ono Sensei was also honoured by then Prime Minister, The Right Honourable Jean Chrétien. The Governor General, the Premier of Quebec, and the Mayor of Montreal also acknowlegded his 70 years Kendo career.

Sensei Kiyoshi Ono, 7th Dan Kiyoshi, officially retired from teaching Kendo at the Montreal Kendo Club in August 2003 - he was 85 years old. In May 2003, Ono Sensei was honoured by the All Japan Kendo Federation on its 50th anniversary, for his outstanding contribution to Kendo in Canada.

In 2004, on October 14th, Ono Sensei had passed away at 5:00 P.M. As for us at the MKC, we had lost our dearest leader because Ono Sensei was not just a teacher but also a father figure to us all. His teaching will remain with us for generation to come and Sensei´s legacy will live on forever. We will miss you Sensei and may you rest peacefully in heaven. Thank you Sensei from the bottom of our heart.