Meet our instructors

Julio Kenji Toida

Sensei Toida learned kendo in Brazil from a very young age. He as been a member of the Brazilian kendo team for 18 years and has participated in 7 World kendo championships. Sensei Toida holds the rank of 7th dan, renshi.

Junko Ariyama

Sensei Ariyama started kendo in Japan at the tender age of 7. She has trained at the Tama Junior High-school, Toin-Gakuen High-school, Meiji University, and Sumitomo Marine & Fire Insurance company kendo club in Japan for 15 years. Sensei Ariyama is the instructor of the children’s class and holds the rank of 6th dan.

Emy Ugaji Toida

Mrs. Toida started kendo in Brazil when she was 6 years old. Her rank is 4th Dan.

Dominique Boivin

M. Boivin started practicing kendo at 41 years old and has been a member of the Montreal kendo club since 2006. His rank is 4th Dan.