Practice schedule

Practices and classes are held three times per week.

6pm to 8pm
- Beginners’ class and advanced practice (in bogu)
- Children (5 - 12 years old) class (6pm to 7:15pm)

6pm to 8pm
Classes and advanced practice (in bogu)

6pm to 8pm
Advanced practice only (in bogu)

Notices and events

Adult/15+ Beginners' class, Winter 2024

January 15, 2024

New children beginners class , winter 2024

January 15, 2024

Returning children class , Winter 2024

January 08, 2024

Introduction to kendo class

The introduction to kendo, or beginner's, class teaches the basics of kendo. The course covers basic strikes, footwork and etiquette. It is a mixed class of both adults and teenagers and the students do not wear the bogu (armor) . You do not need any special equipment, only normal exercise clothes. A shinai, (bamboo sword), will be provided with your course’s fee.

The courses are given twice a year, in January and in September and typically last 12 to 16 weeks. The class is mandatory for individuals with no prior experience in kendo.

The course fee is $230 and includes a shinai . Registration is made on the first day of class. People below the age of 18 will need the signature of a parent or guardian to join the class. Exact date of the first day of class is posted on this web site a month before the class.

For more information see the Contact Us page.

Kendo for children

We are glad to offer a special kendo class and practice for children under 12. This class is held every Monday from 6pm to 7:15pm and focuses on the very basic kendo movements and etiquette. The class is not always available, depending on the availability of the sensei and the amount of children registered. Please contact us for more information and class fees.

Montreal Kendo Club Membership

Membership to the Montreal Kendo Club give you access to all the practices. Here is our fee structure

Annual membership : $360
Session membership : $150 (4 months session)

Students : $300 annual membership (with student ID)

- Fall : September - December
- Winter : January - April
- Spring/summer : May- Aujust


What do I need to start kendo ?

All you need to wear are sweats and a t-shirt. You can buy a bamboo sword (shinai) from our club and start learning the basics of kendo.

How long before I can wear the armour (bogu)?

It all depends on your abilities. Normally, it takes at least 4-6 months before you are allowed to wear the complete armour (bogu).

Do I have to buy my own bogu ?

Our club does have some spare sets to loan out but normally members purchase their own. We will be happy to help you get your bogu.

How much does the bogu cost?

Depending on its quality and whether the bogu is new or used, the price for the equipment can range from $500 to several thousand dollars. The better the quality the longer your bogu will last.

Do I have to come to all the practices?

In a word, no! However, the more often you train, the faster your command of kendo will develop. You may come to all of the practices or you can miss a practice or two due to a hectic schedule.

How much does it cost?

Please see the section above for our courses and membership fees.

Is kendo a good exercise?

In an hour and a half of practice you will get a good work out. The Montreal Kendo Club is primarily an adult club (although we do have a wide range of ages) so our goal is to help you learn the basics of kendo and have a good work out, not send you home so exhausted that you cannot walk the next day. In the beginning, however, you may be stiff if you are physically active.

Are there any other costs associated with kendo aside from membership fees and equipment purchase?

The Montreal Kendo Club is a member of the Canadian Kendo Federation (CKF). The club pays for the dojo registration but the members are expected to pay the annual $35 for membership in the CKF ($15/year for age 15 and under). For more information about the CKF please visit their website at