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A community kendo club

The Montreal Kendo Club (MKC) is a non-profit organization that promotes the martial art of kendo, the Japanese art of the sword. Through its courses and practices, MKC members learn and share this challenging discipline.

Created by Kiyoshi Ono Sensei in 1956, the Montreal Kendo Club is the oldest active club in Quebec. Our members range from all ages and levels of experience, from 6 to over 60 years old, from kyu to 7th dan. We offer beginners class to advanced training. We also have a class dedicated to our very young members (age 5 to 12).

The Montreal Kendo Club belongs to its members, who volunteer their time and experience to teach and help each other.

Wether you are curious and want to learn about kendo, are an experienced kenshi new to the city or simply practiced kendo in the past and want to practice again ; you are welcome at the Montreal Kendo Club.

Location and schedule

Montreal Kendo Club
Monkland Community Center
4410 West Hill Avenue
Montreal, QC, Canada
H4B 2S9

Practice hours

Monday 6pm to 8pm
- Classes and Bogu practice
- Children (5-12 years old) 6pm to 7:15pm

Wednesday 6pm to 8pm
- Classes and advanced practice (in bogu)

Friday 6pm to 8pm
- Advanced practice only (in bogu)

You can reach us at